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Three beautiful gemstones on twisted hand wrapped sterling silver wire.  The wrapped wire look like "twigs" that are embellished with lavendar amethyst, blue topaz and green peridot gemstone beads.  This earring pair match the Garden Fairy Goddess Necklace sold separately.

Gemstone Metaphysical Properties:

Amethyst -  Amethyst helps you attain wisdom.   It can help you let go of all that is old and all that holds you back - on every level and in every aspect of life - so that you may fully embrace your spiritual destiny.  It stirs the intuition.

Peridot - Helps one to understand the changes going on in their life, getting rid of negative patterns so that growth is possible.  Used for prosperity, growth, openness.  Helps to stimulate tissue regeneration.  Brings rebirth, renewal, and aids healings of all kinds.  Peridot is especially good for healing in relationships...easing anger, jealousies, and strengthening marriage bonds.  Peridot is also protecting.

Topaz - helps to correct disorders in the body, manifests health, promotes kindness, compassion, and empathy.  Enhances awareness, helps a person to exert change in their world, good for manifestation of dreams & goals.

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