Jana Spiritual Gemstone Necklace


Jana according to Phoenix McFarland in The Complete Book of Magical Names, Jana is the "guardian of doors and the turn of the year." "Jana" is also considered to be "a good name for initiation (opening of doors), movement, and growth; for dealing with aging and death.  Jana is also considered to be the Goddess of "woodland creatures.

This beautiful necklace is designed in complimentary colors with smooth Aquamarine, Agate, Amazonite, Aventurine and Tiger Eye gemstones.  The focal gemstone is a nicely sized, buttery smooth Agate.  The gemstones are wire wrapped by hand on a brass chain using all brass components including the lobster claw clasp.

Gemstone Metaphysical Properties:

Agate - Balance, precision, perception, eliminates negativity.  Agates help balance Yin/Yang energy.  Agate can be used to stimulate analytical capabilities and precision while also increasing perceptiveness to situations.

Amazonite - helps to eliminates worries and fears.   A soothing and calming stone, it aids us in releasing worries and fears so that we may communicate from the heart and break through our boundaries.

Aquamarine - evokes the sea in both its name and its color.  Helps to stabilize unsettled surroundings, reduces fear, aids sensitive & mystical people.

Aventurine - Protects the heart, enhances creativity, and is an all purpose healer.

Tiger Eye - enhances psychic abilities, balancing. brings clarity and enhances psychic ability.

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